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Motorcycle-taxi Paris-Orly - Motorcycle-taxi Paris-Roissy :

Take a motorcycle-taxi to get to Orly or Roissy Airports :

Taxi, metro, "RER": it is never easy to select the best means of transport to get to the airport. You never know whether the traffic or strikes might make you late. But there is one totally sure way of getting there on time: the motorcycle-taxi.

The advantages of the motorcycle-taxi

The foremost advantage is certainly the time-saving it affords. Taking a motorcycle-taxi Paris-Roissy, for example, will take 2 to 3 three times less than a normal taxi. But over and above this difference and above all, the time you will take is guaranteed, since the traffic has no impact on the journey-time.

In addition, with comfort being one of Jet Transfert’s priorities, you will travel on one of the latest models of Honda motorcycles with an experienced rider at your disposal, so that your trip is as pleasant as possible. The itineraries on offer are from Paris to the two international Paris airports, that is to say, Orly and Roissy.

The services offered by Jet Transfert

For the motorcycle-taxi journeys Paris-Orly or Paris-Roissy, the services provided are the same and will allow you to enjoy a short but comfortable trip. The motorcycles allow you to take a piece of luggage with you of course, and the accessories such as the helmet, the mob-cap and protective clothing for poor weather conditions are supplied.

Earphones are also provided so that you can telephone or listen to music during the transfer, together with a Bluetooth connection to be able to speak with your chauffeur. The service is personalized and the costs are fixed and communicated in advance so as to ensure maximum service efficiency. Our experience in motorcycle-taxi journeys Paris-Orly and Paris-Roissy means that we can provide you with a tailor-made service to cater for all your requirements, together with competitive pricing.

Jet Transfert’s teams are at your disposal to give you additional information about your motorcycle-taxi journeys Paris-Orly and Paris-Roissy. We guarantee you a personalized service which will fully meet your expectations.

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our Paris private chauffeur and taxi booking services. We are at your disposal.

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